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Green Coffee Bean Extract Reviews: Does it Work?

Green Coffee Bean Extract: Trial Offer

By now, we all must have heard of green coffee bean extract and its ability of losing weight. The question that is rattling around our head is, does green coffee bean extract work? Can we actually lose weight by using green coffee bean extract? If so, then how much weight can we lose?

Well, why not take a closer look!

What is Green Coffee Bean Extract?

Green Coffee Bean Extract is a weight loss supplement that is produced using green or unroasted coffee beans. With all the media buzz, it seems like this is the magic coffee beans with the power to produce miracle. In reality, it’s the same old coffee beans that is roasted and then grinded (not to mention the cleaning, drying and brewing part) to make coffee. Only thing different in green coffee bean extract from the coffee we drink is that, Green Coffee Bean Extract is made from unroasted green coffee beans.


Coffee Anyone? Think Starbucks!

In North America, when we think about coffee, one name that instantly comes to our mind is Starbucks. That is not just because of their nationwide locations but because of the taste and quality of their products.

Starbucks has been operating for over 40 years now and they pride themselves for bringing out the best coffee to their customers. With this type of track record, we can easily assume that when Starbucks introduces a product, that is based on proper research and end results.

In light of the massive popularity of Green Coffee Bean Extract and its effectiveness on weight loss, they came up with what they call Starbucks Refreshers containing Green Coffee Bean Extract.

Green Coffee Bean Extract – Trial Offer

Green Coffee Bean Extract Dr. OZ Trials

In late 2012, Dr. OZ introduced Green Coffee Bean Extract on his show and he called this a supplement “a fat burner that helps women lose weight.” He didn’t come up with that claim out of nothing by the way. Dr. OZ tested the product on 100 females to see whether green coffee bean extract has any effectiveness on their weight loss.

Half of the females were taking 400mg of green coffee bean extract half an hour before breakfast, lunch and dinner where the rest of the half were give a placebo. Subjects participating in the clinical trial were told to take the pills for 2 weeks without making any changes to their normal eating habits and other day to day activities.

Females taking the pills for 2 weeks lost two pounds on average at the end of the 2 weeks study.

After the program was broadcasted on Dr. OZ show, there has been a massive inquiry about the product and green coffee bean extract became one of the top search queries on the internet. People started looking for green coffee bean extract reviews to get them familiar with the product and to see whether the supplement can actually help them lose weight.

Looking at the test results done by Dr. OZ, it looks like it does help in weight loss.

Another 22 weeks study done on 16 overweight adults showed that participants lost on average 18 pounds that was more than 10% of their total body weight. An incredible success story that encouraged people to go for green coffee bean extract.

There were various other researches and clinical trials done where they all showed positive and encouraging results.

Green Coffee bean Extract is not just another weight loss gimmick out there. Looking at all the test results done by various organizations including Dr. OZ, it is clear that the product helps you lose weight.

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