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Shiva23 acne cream is a unique acne care cream that is unlike any other acne cream available in the market today. If you are not foreign to acne and used your fair share of popular prescription or non-prescription acne creams to treat that, then you must know that no matter what acne cream you use to fight your acne, it simple doesn’t work in the long run. Well, reason for this is because they all pretty much use the same ingredient that somewhat stops the acne for the time being without any long term benefit. This Shiva23 review will show you how this cream is different than others and also allow you to try this out for FREE.

Why Shiva23 Works Better:

• Shiva 23 safely penetrates deep into the skin where the acne bacteria festers

• Shiva 23 attacks the cell membrane of the bacteria and destroys it

• Shiva 23 doesn’t dry or burn your skin or require any type of sun protection

Why other Creams Having Benzoyl Peroxide Doesn’t Work?

• Benzoyl Peroxide works only on the surface of the cream

• Benzoyl Peroxide burns and bleaches away superficial imperfections

• Benzoyl Peroxide doesn’t work on the bacteria or do anything to the bacteria so the acne keeps coming back


Shiva23 safely penetrates deep into the skin where bacteria festers. This allows the cream to work lot better and lot faster than any other competing brands of products. If you read the ingredients of all the available acne care cream in the market today, you will be surprised to see that most of those creams have the same active ingredient called Benzoyl Peroxide or in some cases, Salicylic Acid. Some of the creams will have combination of both to a certain proportion but the main fact here is – THEY ALL HAVE THE SAME INGREDIENT(s). And this is EXACTLY why none of those cream works. Well, they will work when you start using them at the beginning but more you use them, less effective they become. Once you stop using them, you start seeing your acne back within days. What a waste of time and money cause some of those prescription acne creams are not so cheap. Benzamycin for example is a cream doctors use as a common prescription for lot of acne issues but even this expensive prescription cream has the same exact active ingredient called Benzoyl Peroxide. You will find the same thing on over the counter acne creams as well. Well, Shiva 23 acne cream doesn’t have this most common ingredient that most others have as it simply doesn’t work in the long run. Shiva 23 has an ingredient called Peptomimetic

Shiva23 Active Ingredient – why it works

Peptomimetic, the active ingredient in Shiva23 was developed to eliminate the bacteria thst resides in acne most effectively. The ingredient was developed by Dr. Jesse Jaynes who is an experienced and a veteran bio-chemist who has been experimenting on using peptides in an attempt to make it cure cancer. In his long experiment, he discovered that peptides can naturally kill bacteria. Developers of Shiva23 worked out an agreement with Dr. Jesse Jaynes to use this ingredient that can kill bacteria and managed to develop a unique formulation that can kill the bacteria which is the leading cause of acne. Shiva 23 has been developed to safely penetrate deep into the skin where the acne bacteria resides and allows it to attack the cell membrane of the bacteria and kill it. Most of the acne creams only works on the surface of the skin and treats the acne temporarily. Shiva23 addresses the root cause and kills the bacteria that actually causes the acne. If the root is destroyed, no more acne can be developed from the same root meaning long term acne care treatment.


Shiva23 Acne Cream Review – Shiva23 Review and FREE Trial Offer, 8.0 out of 10 based on 8 ratings

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