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Magic Jack Review: Is Magic Jack Scam?


Concept behind magic jack is pretty simple which is to allow you to make free unlimited long distance calls nationwide. No more paying long distance charges to your local phone company or long distance provider anymore.

When you see a product on TV that seems too good to be true, you often wonder whether it is really true or not. No matter how good it sounds in reality, magic jack really works like it says it does. This is not just another over-hyped product with catchy TV infomercial and when we explain the facts and the mechanism in our magic jack review below about this product, you will also know that this can work in reality.



Benefits of Magic Jack

  • Free local and long distance calls
  • Free directory assistance
  • Free call waiting
  • Free voice mail
  • Free caller ID

How Does Magic Jack Work?

If you have a computer, then you must know that you can make long distance calls using your computer to another computer for free. Whether it is Skype, Yahoo Messenger, or any other service you use, long distance calls using the computer is free.

Magic Jack uses voice over IP technology where your phone line is connected to the computer and lets your computer make the long distance calls using your home phone line. With this small adapter, no need to dial computer to computer anymore.

Setting up Magic Jack is literally easy as 1-2-3. All you do is to hook up your home phone line to the tiny magic jack adapter, plug in the adapter to your computer USB port, and finally start making free long distance. It literally takes less than a minute to plug in the adapter.

Save on Calls within USA and Canada

Think of your long distance bills and think how much you pay per month. Add that up by 12 to see how much you spend on long distance bills per year. You have been paying on calls year after year spending hundreds and for some, thousands every year.

Well, your North American long distance bill stops right here with magicjack. You just buy the adapter once and you own it for life. You get free long distance calls for a year and only pay a small fee yearly after that.

Is Magic Jack Scam?

This is a typical question that is raised on pretty much all as seen on TV products that promise the world. MagicJack is not just another one of those products; this is the product that really works as it is advertised. Thousands of Magic Jack reviews by satisfied customers prove that fact.

Try It Before You Buy It – Free Calls for a Year

You don’t have to believe any magicjack reviews you read online since you can try out the product for free yourself. Order magicjack and make one year of free long distance calls. In any unlikely even that you don’t like the product for whatever reason, simply return the product within 30 days and you owe nothing. However, we are fully confident that you will fall in love with magicjack once you use it.