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Shiva23 Acne Cream Review – Shiva23 Review and FREE Trial Offer


Shiva23 acne cream is a unique acne care cream that is unlike any other acne cream available in the market today. If you are not foreign to acne and used your fair share of popular prescription or non-prescription acne creams to treat that, then you must know that no matter what acne cream you use to fight your acne, it simple doesn’t work in the long run. Well, reason for this is because they all pretty much use the same ingredient that somewhat stops the acne for the time being without any long term benefit. This Shiva23 review will show you how this cream is different than others and also allow you to try this out for FREE.

Why Shiva23 Works Better:

• Shiva 23 safely penetrates deep into the skin where the acne bacteria festers

• Shiva 23 attacks the cell membrane of the bacteria and destroys it

• Shiva 23 doesn’t dry or burn your skin or require any type of sun protection

Why other Creams Having Benzoyl Peroxide Doesn’t Work?

• Benzoyl Peroxide works only on the surface of the cream

• Benzoyl Peroxide burns and bleaches away superficial imperfections

• Benzoyl Peroxide doesn’t work on the bacteria or do anything to the bacteria so the acne keeps coming back


Shiva23 safely penetrates deep into the skin where bacteria festers. This allows the cream to work lot better and lot faster than any other competing brands of products. If you read the ingredients of all the available acne care cream in the market today, you will be surprised to see that most of those creams have the same active ingredient called Benzoyl Peroxide or in some cases, Salicylic Acid. Some of the creams will have combination of both to a certain proportion but the main fact here is – THEY ALL HAVE THE SAME INGREDIENT(s). And this is EXACTLY why none of those cream works. Well, they will work when you start using them at the beginning but more you use them, less effective they become. Once you stop using them, you start seeing your acne back within days. What a waste of time and money cause some of those prescription acne creams are not so cheap. Benzamycin for example is a cream doctors use as a common prescription for lot of acne issues but even this expensive prescription cream has the same exact active ingredient called Benzoyl Peroxide. You will find the same thing on over the counter acne creams as well. Well, Shiva 23 acne cream doesn’t have this most common ingredient that most others have as it simply doesn’t work in the long run. Shiva 23 has an ingredient called Peptomimetic

Shiva23 Active Ingredient – why it works

Peptomimetic, the active ingredient in Shiva23 was developed to eliminate the bacteria thst resides in acne most effectively. The ingredient was developed by Dr. Jesse Jaynes who is an experienced and a veteran bio-chemist who has been experimenting on using peptides in an attempt to make it cure cancer. In his long experiment, he discovered that peptides can naturally kill bacteria. Developers of Shiva23 worked out an agreement with Dr. Jesse Jaynes to use this ingredient that can kill bacteria and managed to develop a unique formulation that can kill the bacteria which is the leading cause of acne. Shiva 23 has been developed to safely penetrate deep into the skin where the acne bacteria resides and allows it to attack the cell membrane of the bacteria and kill it. Most of the acne creams only works on the surface of the skin and treats the acne temporarily. Shiva23 addresses the root cause and kills the bacteria that actually causes the acne. If the root is destroyed, no more acne can be developed from the same root meaning long term acne care treatment.


Sensa Reviews | Sensa Weight Loss Reviews | Sensa Diet Reviews

What Is Sensa?


Sensa is about whole new way of losing weight. You don’t need to diet or cut down on the food you like, you don’t have to pop in any type of diet pills either. There is not even any need for any additional workouts. You just maintain your normal lifestyle and eat your favorite food you would otherwise eat but still lose weight. How is that possible?

So what is Sensa and how you lose weight with it? You basically sprinkle the Sensa crystals over the food you eat and sniff the food before eating. In a nutshell, Sensa crystals are favor enhancing that makes you feel full sooner and suppress your appetite that cuts down the craving for food. Weight loss is the end result.

The Man behind the Innovation, Dr. Alan Hirsch

Alan Hirsch, MD is the founder and neurology director of the smell and taste treatment and research foundation out of Chicago, Illinois. He developed this Sensa crystal that will give people a feeling of fullness without actually being totally full which will make them eat less. End result is the loss of weight.

According to the company website, you are to lose 30 pounds in six months if you keep sprinkling Sensa over all of your meals.

More about Sensa Diet:

Well, considering the definition of the term diet, the Sensa diet is not actually a diet at all. Dieting means controlling your food and watching what you eat. There are other diet programs as well as home meal delivery programs that want you to eat what they want or what they deliver at your door steps. Luckily with Sensa diet, you are allowed to eat your most favorite food like you usually do and all you have to do is to sprinkle this so called sprinkle diet over your food.

Sensa diet crystals makes you feel fuller and eat less which in turn makes you lose weight.

Ingredients in Sensa Weight Loss Crystals

All the ingredients used in developing Sensa came out of the nature meaning all natural ingredients are used in this product. Maltodextrin, tricalcium phosphate, carmine, soy, and milk are the ingredients that are used to make food flakes that are known as Sensa crystals.

Sensa Weight Loss crystals are calorie free, sodium free, sugar free, and gluten free. They come in various different flavors such as cheddar cheese, onion, horseradish, ranch dressing, taco, and Parmesan cheese. More about this can be found on various Sensa weight loss reviews that are available online as well as on the company website.

It’s All Up in your Brian

Our brains dictates us as to what we do or how we feel. If somehow we can send the brain a signal that will make us believe that we are full, then we stop eating. Feeling the sense of fullness without having to eat as much is the recipe for this Sensa weight loss program. How the food smells and tastes has lot to do with how we feel about certain food and how much we want to consume. If our smell receptors can send a message to our brain that we are full, then we think we are full. Sensa weight loss crystals do exactly that.

Clinical Study

Dr. Alan Hirsch conducted a clinical study that is posted on the company website. He has been conducting studies on how smell and taste can alter or modify people’s eating behavior for over 25 years.

Over the course of 6 months, 1436 men and women used Sensa to sprinkle pretty much whatever they consumed without changing their day to day eating pattern or exercise program. Upon completion of the 6 month long study, it was noted that those 1436 men and women lost on an average 30.5 pounds just by using Sensa.

Sensa Free Trial

While this is a whole new way of losing weight that cannot be any more convenient than any other traditional weight loss programs, having a 30 days Sensa free trial cannot really hurt.

Manufacturer of Sensa is so confident about the effectiveness of the product that they will send you 2 months of supply including the starter kit and guides for free so that you can try it out. If you are serious about losing weight and tried other weight loss plan or pills without much success, then why not try out Sensa free of cost. If it doesn’t work out for you, can cancel your order and pay nothing. But if it does like they say, then you got yourself a winner that will not only allow you to eat whatever you want but help you lose weight at the same time.

We strongly suggest you take advantage of this free trial offer as not many weight loss programs offer such opportunity. There is nothing wring in trying out the product at someone else’s expense.

HCG Drops Reviews: 1lb/Day with HCG Diet Drops

HCG Diet Drops Review: Lose 25-30 Pounds in 30 Days, GUARANTEED

Click Here – Lose Weight or Money BackJust a simple search for HCG Diet Reviews would land you on several review sites reviewing this product. So whats the big deal with it and why everyone is talking about this product so much? How this is ay different than any other diet plans, products, or supplements?

Well, good part of this HCG diet drops is that you get a guarantee that you will lose 25-30 pound within the first 30 days or you will get your money back. You can order your 30 days trial kit of complete HCG weight loss kit and if within 30 days you don’t lose what they guarantee, you just ask for your money back.

To Get 30 Days Money Back Guarantee, Click Here

Does HCG Diet Drops Work?

Well, if you are searching for it, then there has to be something to this after all. HCG diet drops is the biggest craze in weight loss industry right now. Lot of people lose money buying into various weight loss plans or supplements only to get disappointed at the end and none of those other products come with full money back guarantee.

Does HCG work? Well, now you can try it out yourself risk free with a money back guarantee and be the judge of it yourself.

Doctor Endorsed

HCG Diet drops program is endorsed by many doctors as well as Dr. Devin McClean who says “HCG 1,2,3 is an approach that is worth your time an effort, resulting in rapid weight loss and improved body shape…” Just digg up about the doctor and you will run into his professional credentials. Professional recommendation goes a long way in selecting the right weight loss product.

Which Plan is Right for You

They have 3 different plans called plan 1, plan 2, and plan 3. You select a plan that is right for you based on your current health condition and wight loss objective. Plan 1 helps you lose most weight which is losing 40+ pounds in 60 days. Plan 2 lets you lose 20-25 pounds in 30 days, and finally plan 3 that helps you lose 8-10 pounds with the 8 days only plan.

Mone Back Guarantee – How Does it Work?

They guarantee that you will lose at least 20-25 pounds within the first 30 days or they will refund your money meaning you are getting free HCG drops. So basically this is a 30 days trial to see if it works for you and if not, then you get the money back. You lose more with bigger plan using for long term but you are guaranteed to lose 15 pounds at least within the first 30 days which is no joke. You can read other reviews of HCG but why bother since you are already getting a money back iron clad guarantee? Not many programs out there will offer you money back so take advantage of it while you can.

Homeopathic HCG drops are so popular that people around the nation are going crazy searching for it online. See what people are searching for: free hcg drops, hcg side effects, hcg weight loss, buy hcg online, liquid hcg diet, hcg utah, cheap hcg drops, hcg diet dallas, official hcg diet, hcg diet utah, hcg diet austin, amazing hcg reviews, hcg las vegas, hcg springfield mo, hcg san diego, hcg liquid drops, homeopathic hcg drops, dr simeons hcg, hcg atlanta, hcg weight loss, kore HCG reviews, hcg ultra diet drops

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NoNo Skin Review: NoNo Acne Treatment

NoNo Skin Acne Treatment – Emergency Pimple Care

If you are tired of popping pimples or your acne and no cream or traditional medication seemed to be of any help, then you will be happy to learn about this new revolutionary product called NoNo Acne Treatment. This nono acne treatment review will go over the product details and show you how you can say NO to your acne within as little as 24 hours. Guess your prayer to acne treatment has been answered!

Damn Those Pimples! They Always Seem to be Coming Out at the Wrong Time

If you have been in a situation where you are at a party or at work or in the school and all of a sudden out of nowhere you got pimple showing up so big that is even noticeable from the moon, then what you need at that moment is NoNo Skin. An emergency pimple care you can take anywhere with you due to its portable size. You can fit the NoNo Skin in your handbag or purse easily.

Whether your acne is mild to moderate, power and the precision of this portable, now cost, yet professional acne phototherapy can be of your assistance.

Celebrity Smile at Home Teeth Whitening


In the emerging world of cosmetic dentistry, teeth whitening products are in high demand. Universally sought after by both men and women alike, at home teeth whitening products are now available both at your local pharmacy as well as on the Internet. You too can now have a celebrity smile with the help of celebrity smile teeth whitening pens or other similar products.

Best At Home Teeth Whitening Products



Bleaching or Whitening: Which One Is Good for You?

The term bleaching is not really that difficult to grasp. Just consider bleach and what it does. Bleaching of teeth is somewhat allowed by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) under certain guidelines and restrictions. Bleaching is only permitted when the teeth can be whitened beyond the natural color they originally used to have. The products that are used to bleach the teeth actually contain bleach and when it comes to toothpaste or other dentistry related products, hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide. You should be cautious using such products as depending on the percentage of bleaching ingredients, you might end up damaging the enamel of your teeth that give them the natural shine.

Teeth whitening on the other hand means restoring your teeth’s natural color that involves getting rid of the dirt and stains the teeth may have. Since majority of us are born with white shiny teeth, they can be whitened and the natural sparkling teeth can be restored if the dirt and stain can be removed. All celebrities use such teeth whitening products for which celebrity smile teeth whitener products are in high demand.

No More Expensive Dentist Visit

Few visits to your dentist’s office can cost you a fortune. Not everyone can afford that and most of the time such cosmetic procedures are not even covered by your insurance. Since there are quite a few at home teeth whitening products available for your use, there is no reason for you not to try them out to get that celebrity smile you have been longing for. All you have to do is to find the teeth whitening ratings to understand which product is best for you.

We are listing a few products on this page based on our own teeth whitening ratings so that you can make a sound decision. We reviewed the products that also offer free trials so you don’t even have to buy the product to use it. Just take advantage of the free trial offers to test the celebrity teeth whitening products.



Idol White Review – Idol White Teeth Whitening Pens


Who doesn’t want a celebrity smile? And if the can be achieved with at home teeth whitening pens, then there is no reason for anyone not to get a brighter and whiter smile. If you can get a free trial offer so that you can test out the product before making an actual purchase, then that’s an instant decision maker. Idol White teeth whitening pens can offer just that.



About Idol White

Idol White has been around since 2002 meaning they are not an overnight fly by company offering some junk product to make a few quick bucks. Their long presence in the health care industry speaks for them. According to their website, this is their mission objective: “To deliver the highest quality health and beauty products with the best value to our customers.”

Benefits of Idol White Teeth Whitening Pens


  • Professional result with at home teeth whitening system
  • Cleaning and whitening at the same time
  • Safe and easy to use
  • Only takes seconds to apply

How to Use Idol White

Using this at home teeth whitening pen is literally easy as 1-2-3. All you have to use is to brush your teeth, twist the pen to dispense the gel within, and finally apply the gel to your teeth. Getting a brighter and whiter smile cannot get any easier than that.

Is Idol White Scam?

Reading various Idol White reviews, there is no sign of scam related to this product. Lots of Idol White reviews state that people are getting benefited with this product and many reviews show testimonials from the users who were able to achieve whiter teeth using this product.

If you are ever concerned, and you have a good reason to be concerned considering so many scams going on these days with online purchase, you can order a trial package to see if it works for you or not. If the product doesn’t work as advertised, then you can cancel the order of any future shipment.


Acai Berry Select Review – Should You Buy Acai Berry Select?


Acai Berry Select is a health supplement made out of the magic fruit Acai Berry. This Amazonian fruit has been used by the Brazilians for thousands of years for its rejuvenating and detoxifying elements as well as a staple food. It has been clinically proven that Acai Berry helps in weight loss as well as keeps a person younger. Acai Berry Select has been developed as a weight loss formula that will help one drop weight as well as increase energy.



Since this is a fruit local to only a specific part of the world, you cannot buy the fruit or any fruit supplement at your local drugstore. You can however search Google using the term “buy acai berry select” and you will find several online sites selling the product. You must do your own research about the site you are ordering before you actually place any order. There are log of acai berry select scam going on where people are being passed fake products. Trial offer listed on this acai berry select review page is with a known supplier of real acai berry select.

Benefits of Acai Berry Select

There are various benefits associated with this fruit. Major benefits are listed below.

  • It helps you lose weight
  • It helps increase the metabolism
  • It helps increase fat Oxidation
  • This fruit helps fight fatigue
  • It helps increase energy
  • High in antioxidant

Popular Choice for Hollywood Celebrities

Since this fruit is known to keep people young and help lose weight, acai berry is a popular choice for many Hollywood celebrities. Since you cannot buy the fruit fresh form your local market, you can buy acai berry select that is a formula made out of the real 100% authentic Amazonian acai berry fruit. Celebrities have done their research and already getting visible benefits out of this fruit. Another fruit in the same category which is a new invention in the health food industry is goji berry. You too can read a few acai berry select reviews to get familiar with the product. Make sure you take advantage of the free trial offer before making the actual purchase. It is always a good idea to know ahead of time what you are buying.


Alta White Teeth Whitening Review – You Too Can Have A Celebrity Smile


Everybody needs a great smile. And if you actually end up having a celebrity smile, then is even better.

Lot of us work, study, or socialize with others where we have to speak in public all the time. Some of us who are working in public relations working with people all day long, having a great looking smile is even more important to them. Alta White Teeth Whitening pen can do just that.



Applying Alta White is easy as 1-2-3. Anyone can apply this within seconds easily. All you have to do is to snap the swab tip, dip the tip into the whitening powder, and then apply it to your teeth covering all visible area. Just to make sure that this product works for you and you can easily use the product as an at home teeth whitening product, you should take advantage of the free trial they are offering before making the actual purchase.

Benefits of Alta White Teeth Whitening

  • No messy strips or trays to wear
  • No costly visits to your dentists
  • Helps remove plaque
  • Easy to apply within seconds
  • Polishing and whitening at the same time
  • At home teeth whitening

Free Trial PLUS 90 Days Refund Policy

Alta White takes pride in their superior product for which they are willing to offer a free trial so that you can test the water yourself. You are at o obligation to buy anything after the trial.

If you decide to buy the product after trying but later change your mind for any reason, you have 90 days to claim a refund. Just contact the company with any refund question and they should be able to advice you on how to return and get a refund.


Muscle Warfare Review – be Ready to Get Ripped


Muscle Warfare is not for people who want to gain 5 pounds of easy fatty muscle that will not end up lasting. It is for serious people who aim to explode with 25+ pounds of raw brutal size, strength, power, and ripped muscle mass. Muscle Warfare is the 1st supplement to ever offer scientifically developed, creatine free, NMDA enhanced, muscle specific munitions to assist turn you into a muscular bodybuilding warrior.



Let’s just be honest to ourselves here. Just popping some pills or supplements would not get anyone ripped. You will not build a rock solid body just by using supplements or vitamins or anything. If you want to join the warfare beating your enemy or just build that muscular body, you MUST train yourself. And if you are in the game to beating your opponent, then you must train harder and smarter than your opponent cause they are training too. That’s just the rule of this engagement.

By taking advantage of the groundbreaking technology that was developed based on scientific research, you can have the greatest armament that will strategically position you to reach your goal. Muscle warfare is that technology that will help you turn you into a bodybuilding warrior.

What is Muscle Warfare?

The warfare stack is a technologically advanced and revolutionary formula consisting of a three way supplement pack developed for extreme warfare conditioning. This explosive pack contains no creatine, fillers, fluff, artificial dyes, or any other junk. It is designed to take any athlete or bodybuilder to a whole new level. An extraordinary gain is THE unfair advantage you are about to possess. Let your enemy fear your body and strength and your followers respect you. To test out the product yourself before committing to it, you can try it out with a free trial bottle that will give you an idea about what you are about to unleash.

Muscle Warfare Training

If you look at the muscle warfare site, you will see there is a training section of the site where you will find training videos and printable routines. Usually companies in the business of selling supplements are just into selling things and making money. They don’t offer any training for you. Muscle warfare is different and the only company who offers such training for you to get you rip the most benefit from this supplement. Take a look at their site and see if the training videos are of any help.

Is Muscle Warfare Scam?

Well, you will be the best judge to that. You understand that there is training requirement to make this work and just the supplement alone will not get anyone achieve any result. If you are serious about it and willing to commit to yourself to get ripped within 4 weeks by building 25+ pounds of solid muscle, then this is just the thing you need.

Besides, you can try this out with your free trial bottle before buying the whole warfare stack which is what we strongly recommend.


Hoodia Gordonii Plus Review: Read the Reviews and Get your Free Trial


Hoodia Gordonii Plus is the best natural supplement that has been introduced in the market. The product is certified so you can be sure you will get pure organic Hoodia ingredients. To get all the information you need about this product, you can read the Hoodia Gordonii Plus reviews that are found online. Once you read them, you will get all the persuasion you need to purchase this product. It also comes with free membership to an interactive weight management program. This makes the weight loss program much easier and fun. The best thing about Hoodia Gordonii Plus is that you will find out there are free trial periods you can use to discover how this amazing product works. The Hoodia Gordonii Plus review also gives you the official sites where you can get the product without a problem.



Hoodia Gordonii is the perfect product for the individuals who want to get the body shape of their choice. Hoodia Gordonii reviews reveal that using the product coupled with a good exercise routine can get you a result lot faster but exercise is not mandatory. Plenty of water and a reasonable food program is can also help. You are also able to maintain the body weight because you will no longer be attacked by hunger pangs. Hoodia Gordonii reviews also show that you will be able to move from the table once you have had enough. This ensures you do not overeat. This is very convenient as you do not have to put in a lot of effort and the results are seen within weeks of using the product.

How Does Hoodia Gordonii Work?

Hoodia Gordonii combines natural supplements that are beneficial to the body. Hoodia Gordonii reviews found on the web show that it contains multiple proprietary digestive enzymes and pure South African Hoodia. These act as an appetite suppressant. They trick the brain to believe that there is a lot of glucose in the blood, which helps to keep hunger at the bay and makes the person feel full. When you don’t feel hungry, you will not consume a lot of calories which helps to maintain body weight as you will burn more calories.   Once you read the Hoodia Gordonii review, you will find out that it is an effective and fast method for all the people who want to lose weight.

Hoodia Gordonii Scam

You can be assured that there is no Hoodia Gordonii scam. Many people have used this product without any complains. In fact, people who use this product usually get numerous compliments from their friends, as they look better. Hoodia Gordonii Plus reviews also show that there are no side effects when a person uses this product. This is because the supplements are safe to use and can be used by any one. You don’t have to rely on the information you read on the Hoodia Gordonii Plus review as you can enjoy a free trial program to see the results for yourself. This will not cost you a thing and you will help you get the product tested before you can decide for yourself.